Top Ten Children’s Chairs

Kid’s Armchair by Maison Gatti for Style by Annick de Lorme

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It’s a comfortable seating, and the colors are great; the chair’s water-resistant woven seat and back can be wiped down and scrubbed, and the rattan frame will acquire a lovely patina with age.

Height: 22″; width: 18″; depth: 15″; seat height: 11″; material: natural-rattan frame and handwoven Rilsan in white/blue lagoon in Victoria weave (other colors and weaves available); delivery: 12 weeks; price: $1,250 (for information:

Lou Lou Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

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Children will love that it’s a see-through chair, and looks like something out of a dollhouse. Offered in a wide range of candy like shades, it would work equally well for boys or girls.

Height: 24.8″; width: 15.7″; depth: 14.6″; seat height: 12.6″; material: polycarbonate in pink (other colors available); delivery: immediate; price: $133 (for information:

Farmhouse Chair by Pottery Barn Kids

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If you are constantly moving children’s chairs around, this is so lightweight you can pick it up and transport it in a flash. The chair has an easy-to-grasp back, a barn-red color, and overall a charming rustic vibe.

Height: 28″; width: 13″; depth: 12″; seat height: 14″; material: solid rubber wood in red finish (other finishes available); delivery: 5–7 days; price: $139/pair (for information:

Panton Junior by Vitra

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The Panton Chair has always been a favorite of children. They not only like its bright, cheerful colors and smooth curves, but the fact that it is as much fun to play with as it is to sit on. The chair is a design icon, and it is available in a variety of splashy colors that are great for a poolhouse;  it can also be easily stacked for storage.

Height: 24.75″; width: 14.75″; depth: 17.5″; seat height: 12″; material: dyed polypropylene in lime (other colors available); delivery: 1 week; price: $125 (for information:

Chelsea Chair and Cushion from The Land of Nod

Image from:

The charming Chelsea Chairs feature gently scalloped edges, curved legs and oval cutouts.

Height: 28″; width: 13.5″; depth: 14″; seat height: 14″; material: solid-rubber-wood frame in painted-white finish and red-floral-cotton cushion with urethane-foam fill (other cushion colors available); delivery: 5–7 days; price: $149/pair, $29/cushion (for information:

Square Guest Child’s Chair by BDDW

Image from:

The design of the chair makes a sophisticated statement. The simple lines are ideal for a bedroom in an urban loft, though the leather-and-wood construction also lends itself to a country cabin.

Height: 20″; width: 13″; depth: 12.5″; seat height: 13″; material: American-black-walnut frame in dark-oil finish with mulled-leather seat and back (also available in dark mulled leather); delivery: 12–14 weeks; price: $1,500 (for information:

Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Children’s Chair by Fritz Hansen

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It’s extremely lightweight yet stable. Thanks to its easy-to-clean finish, the utilitarian chair will endure lots of wear and tear.

Height: 23″; width: 13.5″; depth: 13.5″; seat height: 13″; material: beech veneer in ice-blue-lacquer finish with mirror-chromed-steel legs (other finishes available); delivery: 8–12 weeks; price: $673 (for information:

Leksvik Children’s Chair by Ikea

Image from:

The X-back chair is timeless. You could keep it for 50 years and it would still look stylish, whether finished in cotton-candy-pink or black.

Height: 23.25″; width: 11.4″; depth: 11.4″; seat height: 12.25″; material: solid pine in antique finish; delivery: immediate; price: $25 (for information:

BBO2 Chair by Notneutral

Image from:

BBO2 is a fun chair for all who like modern furniture. Because of the angled legs, which make it difficult to tip over, it’s excellent for toddlers.

Height: 23″; width: 13.25″; depth: 11.25″; seat height: 11″; material: MDF in painted-persimmon/dark-sable finish (other finishes available); delivery: 1 week; price: $190 (for information:

Gummy Bear Chair by Yam & Toast

Image from:

Amazingly smart and cheerful, the Gummy Bear Chair was conceived to spark creativity and curiosity. Inspired by the colors found in “gummi bears”, this is a fun, comfortable and durable chair perfectly sized for toddlers. Watch this chair become their favorite for reading, coloring or whatever their imagination dictates.

Height: 21″; width: 10″; depth: 11″; seat height: 11″; material: MDF in orange/yellow/green lacquer finish; delivery: immediate; price: $70 (for information:


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