Styling versus Designing Interiors

The main difference between styling and designing  interiors is in the format of the work. An interior designer creates a space that is meant to be experienced in three dimensions. The stylist’s job is to take that three-dimensional, fluid space and present it in a two-dimensional static photograph within a limited frame. Everything the stylist does serves the photo, which can mean eliminating or moving things so they look best on camera, not necessarily so they function well in the space. You can’t live in a styled room: the chairs are all at odd angles and the coffee table might be just three inches from the couch; but if you look at the photograph, it has magically transformed `what you see around you. As a stylist you want to create a space that people want to be in, one that exemplifies the way people want to live, not necessarily the way they actually live. Honestly, how many people wake up to a vase of flowers, a cup of tea and The New York Times perfectly folded on their nightstand?

Images from: Alicia Blais Visual Styling, Styling Interiors/Kim Gray, Convoy

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