EuroCucina 2012

This year at EuroCucina, Elam unveiled its new Opera Kitchen System, which is all about form and function. The modular system is completely customizable, leaving it to the individual to determine and design its function. (The materials, from laminates, lacquered colors, glass and marble are all for the choosing). A stylish groove runs through the system, adding a bold design element based on its geometry.

The Cross Island, the new kitchen design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for Elmar, is an elegant version of a trestle table, unusual for the kitchen, but the slim and light design creates an airy atmosphere in which to work.  The Cross Island has a steel top with an integrated hob and sink, and is supported by three sets of steel legs. The casual design invites guests into the kitchen, making this work space a hub for entertaining and blending function and fun.

The Ethos represents Lando’s first foray into kitchens. The Italian furniture company collaborated with famed designer Enzo Berti, and the result is sculptural as well as flexible, with many different arrangements possible depending on the layout of your space. The centerpiece is carved from one block of solid marble, with accents of brushed stainless steel and wood cabinets in walnut or larch. Still a prototype, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful new addition to the company’s portfolio.

This new contemporary kitchen for Euromobil designed by Edoardo Gherardi focuses on craft and tradition, bringing the best in design sensibility to create a flawless and friendly environment. Different areas of the kitchen are designated for food preparation, eating and entertaining to promote cleanliness and hygiene. Glass covers the doors on the top and sides, and are finished at the back with lacquered aluminum with color coordinated to the glass. The shelving units and dark wood, when integrated, created a warm and cozy feeling despite the clean minimalist design.
Dica the Spanish company, known for its kitchens, baths and wardrobes, introduced their new vintage style SoHo kitchen (another popular trend at Milan), and series 45, an update on their more practical and versatile line (pictured). The style is hallmarked by its while laminate and elm wood, and the island is meant to act as a centerpiece to the room. This year’s version is slightly more compact, but the ergonomic cabinets with stainless steel handles are still as robust as ever, with maximum storage capacity.

Industry giant Veneta Cucine unveils an innovative new kitchen system, the Ri-Flex, which elegantly incorporates such materials as cement and lacquered glass to create a seamless modern kitchen. The Ri-flex uses the ShellSystem, which allows the cabinets to open without handles, and is available in aluminum with a titanium finish. Its size and compact nature make it a great option for small spaces, and the palate of color options makes it easy to blend into adjacent areas.

There were a few bursts of color at Eurocucine this year, including Sebastian Desch’s VAO kitchen in turmeric yellow for Team 7. Although best known for their use of natural wood, it is the yellow glass, with its vintage feel that grabbed our eye.

The new ICON kitchen, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda, is the ultimate in sustainable design; from Ernestomeda’s patented ICONcrete to its zero-chemical finishes to Bavuso’s new Air Door system which creates a seal keeping out dust and dirt. The new modular-based cabinet system is designed to allow circulation between the kitchen and living room. The design also includes a heat-treated dark oak veneer that protects the kitchen’s surface, while the EVOLUTION pullout peninsula table slides in and out to create extra tabletop space for dinner.

Our generation has a new “must have” Diesel item: the Diesel Social Kitchen. The new design collaboration between the Scavolini and the Italian fashion brand has created a surprisingly attractive and homey urban kitchen. It was Diesel’s intention to consider the trend of shrinking urban spaces, and blend the kitchen and living room into a single room. Together the two brands have created an ambiance that is modern and comfortable, the new ‘it’ destination for the dinner party crowd.
This year’s fair introduced a new interpretation of the Floating Spaces kitchen, meant for a large open plan. Siematic’s intention was a complete integration of the kitchen into the interior architecture. The newly developed panel system combined with the asymmetrical cabinets and shelves pull the kitchen and living room into one, in a stylish and modern way.
Article featured in Dwell.

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