Beach House

The Marcus Beach house is sited in a natural, coastal setting providing its occupants with an inextricable relationship to the landscape and sensitive surrounding environment. Designed by BARK Design Architects, the dwelling explores lightness, filtering natural breezes, layers of transparency and integrating indoor / outdoor spaces within dynamic patterns of light and shadow, being a simple frame to enable a contemporary sustainable lifestyle to unfold. The basic plan of the Marcus Beach house is a simple diagram of two pavilions placed either side of a venerable Morton Bay Ash. The pavilions are linked by a transparent bridge in an arrangement that opens all the rooms to light, space and garden views of the north. While the eastern pavilion is a children’s and services zones, the main pavilion accommodates living spaces focused around a double-height deck space. The parents’ retreat above is accessed via a transparent stair tower that is by day a contemplative space and by night, a lantern. Materials are simple and lightweight.  Color sections refer to the landscape, either through contrast like Chinese red accents, or concurrence in greys, whites and natural weathering timbers.

Photos by Christopher Frederick Jones
Architect: BARK Design Architects

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