Louisiana Home

Southern homes have always been about indoor-outdoor living, about maximizing the climatic benefits of both. Porches, or at least porch-inspired spaces, abound in this home. Then again, much of this modern house—despite the ground floor’s open plan, the corrugated galvanized-aluminum cladding, and the grasping thatches of bamboo in the courtyard—has ineluctably Southern roots, legible traces of the local vernacular.  The patio just off the kitchen has a nice view of the street and is one of the favorite spots of the house. The upstairs balcony faces the street as well, though from a height that interacts as much with the canopy of trees as anyone out mowing the lawn. By opening the front and back doors downstairs, the door to the balcony in the office, and the windows in the master bedroom, the architect created two airflow corridors in a kind of double-decker shotgun arrangement. Open the glass doors into the courtyard and you’ve got a house in swampy Baton Rouge that relies on air-conditioning for only a few months of the year.

The design is all about embracing the outdoors.  The undulation of the aluminum cladding makes a regular, rhythmic backdrop for the yards-high bamboo he lovingly tends.

The street is highly visible from the kitchen, a large space where two cooks can easily work around one another.

The guest room has one of the most enviable views of the pecan tree as well as the shed out back.  The Lunna swivel chair is from Ikea.

Though much of the outdoor life of the house is within the confines of the yard, the design has a porousness that allows a perpetual, if mediated, interaction with the neighbors and the street.
Photo by: João Canziani. Arcticle featured in Dwell.

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