About me

Some blogs are everyday diary journals that provide a view into someone’s life; others provide a record of travel and adventure. Each may have a different take on the concept but each has a story to tell. I am a residential interior designer, and this is a blog for personal projects only, inspired by the world of arts, architecture, design, and photography. It is my space to share things I find inspiring. Whether it’s a gorgeous home, a simple photograph or some flat out fabulous idea, I want to offer a glimpse of what catches my eye. I love contemporary design, but I also like beautifully crafted objects that are made with care and speak to us emotionally. Everything selected for this site has been chosen for just that reason. As new ideas emerge and new themes arise, the blog provides a revealing road map of where I am going and how I am getting there. I have no commercial purpose with my blog, or write about things for compensation. If you have any questions, please email me at claudia@claudiatotirdesign.com.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, thank you for ‘liking’ a recent post of mine which in turn led me to your simply gorgeous blog – full of inspiration and visual delight!

  2. Hi, Claudia! Thanks for checking out my blog and “liking” my recent post, “Dark Chocolate Brownies”. I love your photography and enjoyed browsing your well designed blog. Many blessings–Melanie

  3. Claudia,

    I love your eye and share your aesthetic sense. We just built a modest second home at the South Carolina shore. The home backs up to the protected wetlands and we opened the house to the outdoors with walls of glass. Simple, clean, and open. By the way, in the design process, we discovered a great site,which you may already know about- http://www.houzz.com- an enormous library of design photos.

    I’m happy to follow your blog- eager to see the design projects that catch your eye.

    So happy we connected.


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